Worry no More, Dental Implants Provide a Perfect Option for Damaged Teeth

Janet Royal 2016-09-02 10:23:42

In Canada and indeed the world over, many people have a concern about one or more missing teeth. A number of circumstances may lead to a missing tooth including accidents, gum diseases and tooth decay. In the worst scenario, some people may be so unfortunate as to lose all their teeth. Dental implants provide a perfect solution to this problem. The circumstances in which one loses their tooth or teeth does not matter; the solution is the same, dental implants Toronto.


Dental implants are usually a combination of two parts, the first one being the post, is usually made of titanium metal due to its strength and the fact that it does not react with the body. Through a surgical procedure, the post is screwed into the bone where a tooth was originally located. After a period, which may be up to six months, the bone grows around the post providing a firm anchor for it; a process referred to as osseointegration.

The second part is known as the crown, which is fixed on the post once it has been properly anchored in the jaw bone. There may be a need to have a temporary crown affixed in the meantime because producing a permanent one could take quite some time as it involves a lot of detail to ensure that it perfectly matches with the original teeth.

Once a permanent crown is affixed to the post that functions as the root of the tooth, one can chew as if they were using their natural teeth. The crown could last for some years without the need to replace it, and all that one needs to do is maintain proper dental hygiene by regular and thorough brushing especially after every meal to remove food deposits.


Doctors advise that certain groups of people may not successfully have implants because the procedure could cause greater medical problems to their mouths and general health. In particular, a person with a weak jaw bone cannot get dental implants Toronto straight away; they must first undergo surgery to build the bone, and it is only after the bone is properly built that they can undergo the second surgical procedure for the purpose of dental implantation. People suffering from leukemia or diabetes cannot possibly get dental implants because their medical conditions would interfere with the healing after the surgery aimed at placing the post into the jaw bone.

Therefore, while dental implants are set to solve the problems of many Canadians, it is important to seek medical advice before making the decision to undergo the procedure. Where the doctor advises that the process may be detrimental to the well-being of the patient, the patient should adhere to the advice and seek other options including temporary dentures for the sake of their health.

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